A Spoonful of Sugar

Thompson Gallery

February 8 – May 11

Discover the magical world of Mary Poppins as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of this classic Disney family film. Based on the books by P. L. Travers, Disney’s musical film Mary Poppins revolves around the Banks family and their nanny, who blows into London “on the East Wind” in 1910 and takes the family on a series of adventures while teaching them lessons about life and love along the way. Explore a whimsical 1910 nursery, climb on Admiral Boom’s house-ship, make your own chalk drawings like

Mary’s friend Bert does, and see how much fun it can be to do chores and tidy up the nursery if you just add “a spoonful of sugar.”

Meet the Mary Poppins character at A Sunday of Sweetness event on Sunday, March 23, 2014.

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Happy 50th Birthday, G.I. Joe!

Egbert Gallery

February 21 – May 11, 2014

In 1964, just three years after Mattel, Inc. launched their Ken doll, Hasbro, Inc. introduced the world to “America's Moveable Fighting Man®”, G.I. Joe. This month is the action figure’s 50th birthday and we are celebrating with an exhibit exploring the history of Joe in his 50 years. Admire

a display of the first toy action figure featuring Rocky the marine/soldier®, Skip the sailor®, Ace the pilot®, and G.I. Joe® (the original 1964 names) and discover how these figures, prototypes,and accessories changed toy design and playtime for generations.

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Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days: Summer Fashions

West Gallery

May 12 – September 14

After the winter we just had here in New England, we are thrilled at the prospect of those hot summer days!  To celebrate their arrival, we have chosen a selection of summer fashions from our collection.  Spanning over a century, from delicate sprigged muslins to funky jumpsuits, voluminous bathing dresses to a slip of a bikini – we’ll explore how the way we dress for summer has changed over the years.

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Winter Olympic Adventure

Family Discovery Gallery

January 15 – March 30

While the athletes assemble in Sochi, Russia, come to the museum to learn about Olympic traditions, maps and flags. Play some winter sports scaled down for inside the gallery and design your own Olympic mascot.

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The Art of the Artifact:

Art Inspired by the Wenham Museum Collection

Thompson Gallery

May 30 – August 24

What happens when artists of today are inspired by the toys, textiles, and trends of yesteryear? Come and find out at the Wenham Museum! Nine New England artists have taken a close look at the huge collection of vintage and antique toys and other artifacts at the museum and have been inspired to create bright, brilliant (and sometimes very funny) new art! Kids and adults will be inspired to make their own art right in the gallery and climb into a life–size version of a toy that inspired the art.

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Create Together: Community Art

Family Discovery Gallery

April 1 – June 29

Experiment with a variety of media; learn how music, color, texture and form can help us to be happier, healthier people. Several projects and materials will be available to tinker with. Enjoy additional pop–up studio times for messier or more collaborative efforts. Make a wish flag, work on a mural, play around with patterns and poems, and feed your 5 senses, because earth without art is just "eh."

Pop–Up Studio times will be announced weekly throughout the exhibit including school vacation weeks. Check our Facebook page for updates.

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It’s a Snap! Community Lego® Art

September 17 – October 17

Registration Form

Come Build on the Fun! Everyone is invited to build and display a Lego sculpture in our Community Lego Art exhibit. Pre-registration is required.

Wenham Museum reserves the right to disqualify any sculpture that it deems inappropriate for our audience.

Contact: Jane Bowers, Exhibitions Curator and Manager; 978-468-2377 x105 or email

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